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We live in a confused world. It’s not uncommon to see riots or unrest in the news. It can feel like everything is becoming more chaotic. I think many of our problems arise because we have abandoned what it means to be human.

I believe that the answer to these problems is centered in Jesus Christ. I believe following him leads to the true, good, and beautiful life. In other words, I think the way of Jesus teaches us what it truly means to flourish as humans.

I hold an MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. I also hold an MA in Philosophy from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where I am currently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy and Ethics.

For my professional work, I teach philosophy and literature at a classical school in Fort Worth, TX. I also work as the content editor for the Land Center for Cultural Engagement

To contact me, you can email me at tbauer@swbts.edu or follow me on Instagram here.

My research interests include the intersection of Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Religion. I also write some on classical education, apologetics and theology.

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