Summertime is here (especially here in Texas, with temperatures routinely above 100!), which means a little extra time to get reading done. I’ve compiled a list here of books that I intend to read over the summer to grow in my faith and my thinking. Enjoy my summer reading list for 2022.


Deeper (Hardback) - Dane C Ortlund - The Gospel Coalition#1 Deeper by Dane Ortlund

Considering that Ortlund’s last book Gentle and Lowly was a huge hit, I decided to check out Deeper. Now the leadership team at my church is reading it too.

In this book, Ortlund is guiding readers through the process of really growing in your faith. We often become stagnant in our walk with Christ, and Deeper aims to provide the solution.

If you liked Gentle and Lowly, you’ll probably also like Deeper. 



Reading Genesis Well#2 Reading Genesis Well by C. John Collins

 Old Testament scholar C. John Collins wrote this in an attempt to help readers navigate through the tricky book of Genesis. We often try to read Genesis as a strict and straightforward account. Collins is arguing that such an approach may actually hinder our proper understanding of the text.

This book is a bit more on the academic level, but it is quite readable for the layperson. If you’re at all interested in considering how literary style impacts your understanding of Genesis, I recommend picking up a copy.





Transhumanism and the Image of God: Today's Technology and the Future of Christian Discipleship - Kindle edition by Shatzer, Jacob. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Transhumanism and the Image of God by Jacob Shatzer

In this book, Shatzer walks readers through a looming ethical dilemma: What do we do with trans/posthumanism? These philosophies (basically) hold that through technology (like technological implants, etc) we can become “more than” mere humans. If humans bear the Image of God, what do we do with possible “posthumans?”

 An interesting read that attempts to tackle an issue that may not be too far off into the future.




When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment by Ryan T. Anderson, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®#4 When Harry Became Sally by Ryan T. Anderson

This book was (infamously) taken off Amazon for the supposedly controversial stance Anderson takes. Here, Anderson is arguing that transgenderism is a larger and more important issue than merely personal choice.

 I had planned to read this book anyway, but given its controversial status, I figure it is definitely worth looking at.




Debating Christian Religious Epistemology: An Introduction to Five Views on  the Knowledge of God - Kindle edition by DePoe, John M., McNabb, Tyler  Dalton. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @ Debating Christian Religious Epistemology edited by John M. DePoe and Tyler Dalton McNabb

The title may sound confusing, so here’s a simpler explanation: How is it we come to know things about God? This may seem trivial, but we all have a theory of knowledge, even if we don’t know it. These assumptions will impact how we live, how we learn, and how we share the Gospel.

This topic is definitely a little tricky and this is not an “easy beach read.” Still, if you like thinking deeply, it is worth considering.


Logic and the Way of Jesus: Thinking Critically and Christianly - Kindle  edition by Dickinson, Travis. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Logic and the Way of Jesus by Travis Dickinson

In this book, Dickinson helps readers see how logic is an important component in loving God with all of your mind. It teaches readers some basic logical principles and connects them to historic Christian thinking. In this end, Dickinson helps readers develop a stronger, distinctly Christian view of reality.

On top of that, Travis is a friend of mine and I’m sure he’d appreciate you buying his book!





Classic- On The Incarnation by Athanasius 

A classic of Christian theology, in this book Athanasius writes a defense of the doctrine of Christ. Some versions even have an introduction written by CS Lewis!


I hope this list proved useful. Enjoy the reading!


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